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Our Practice Manger of the Year Winners

EyeMDPro & EyeCarePro would like to thank EVERYONE who submitted a nomination for Practice Manager of the Year. Seriously, you all out-did yourselves. After reviewing over 250 heartfelt submissions, we have a winner!

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Dr. Lior Koppel’s submission:
Sharon has been in the optical industry for more than 25 years. Her father was an optometrist and she had been a lab rep for several well-known labs before coming on board with EyeKrafters. Her passion for making someone feel good and look good is her cornerstone. She constantly asks lifestyle dispensing questions to best guide the patient and would be brutally honest about the right look and fit for her patient. Her laugh is so infectious that I can hear her in my exam room and it puts such a smile on my face and I know the patients love the connection.

When she is not on the sales floor she is tirelessly working at putting out fires, paying bills, and an endless array of admin and human resources. Keeping a positive attitude while striving to excel the culture and advancing efficiencies. She has driven to patients homes to deliver their glasses if they were stuck or inconvenienced. I think her greatest joy is helping to raise money for local animal shelters or adoptions. It was her idea to do annual trunk shows to benefit these causes and help the puppies...She truly has been a tremendous asset to our practice and just this recognition alone makes her a winner in my eyes.


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Dr. Seth Thibault’s submission:
She genuinely cares about others and want to make their life easier any way that she can. She cares about the success of our practice. Her values align with the expectations of the Drs. She leads by example by consistently giving our patients excellent customer service!! She gets to know our patients. If she doesn’t know them personally when they come in, she knows them when they leave. This makes them feel comfortable with her and they have a great experience in our office. Patients trust her as she shares the benefits of our products, and know that she’s not going to recommend something they don’t need. She doesn’t think twice about going above and beyond with anything.


A patient of ours that lives in Wichita and drives over an hour to see one of our Drs was dealing with some major health issues. She mentioned needing new glasses but would have to go elsewhere because she couldn’t travel. So she loaded up several frames for her to try on and delivered them to on her next trip to Wichita. She then went back to dispense them. She delivers glasses to patients in nursing homes, and visits on regular basis to do adjustments and take care of any needs they have with their glasses. She stays after hours for patients to help them find the perfect frame and not feel rushed.

Frank Tuffy’s submission:
I am writing to enthusiastically nominate Samantha Day for the Practice Manager of the Year award. As the Practice Manager of Lakeside Vision, she has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and leadership in managing our operations, ultimately contributing to the success and growth of our practice. Sam has taken on the responsibility of handling billing for the practice, and her remarkable organizational skills and attention to detail have been instrumental in reducing the average time in accounts receivable to 26 days. Furthermore, her diligent efforts have resulted in a 22% year-on-year increase in collections, showcasing her ability to positively impact the financial health of our practice. In addition to her financial acumen, Sam has a keen understanding of how to maximize our patient schedule, striking the perfect balance between patient care and practice profitability. Her strong communication and interpersonal skills have enabled her to establish a warm and welcoming environment for our patients, which has translated into an influx of outstanding Google reviews for our practice.


But what truly sets Sam apart is her genuine care for her team. She goes above and beyond to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, providing lunches and snacks to lift spirits on tough days. Her empathetic leadership has fostered a positive work culture, which has undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of our practice. Moreover, Sam is a passionate advocate for charitable work in our community. She has been instrumental in organizing and supporting various charitable initiatives, working closely with her team and the practice to donate thousands of dollars each year to multiple local charities. Her commitment to giving back to the community is truly inspiring and further emphasizes her worthiness for this prestigious award. In conclusion, I cannot think of a more deserving candidate for the Practice Manager of the Year award than Sam. Her outstanding leadership, financial prowess, commitment to patient care, and dedication to her team and the community make her an exceptional choice for this honor.

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