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Reach Patients When They’re Ready to Book with the Google Ads Optimizer

Digital marketing is about more than having the perfect content and hoping patients see it. It's also about motivating patients when they're deep in their sales journey and searching for an MD. EyeMDPro's Google Ads Optimizer delivers hyper-targeted Google ads to capture the right patients when they're ready to book.


Target Patients Based on Your Practice Needs

Does your practice focus on reaching Cataract, Lasik, Glaucoma, or other specialty patients? Or is your goal to reach additional ODs and MDs? EyeMDPro's Google Ads Optimizer helps ensure your practice is found before the competition by strategically showing digital ads based on what your specific ideal patients are searching for.


Marketing Optimizers That Improve Your Practice. How?

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01. Improve Your Ranking
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Stand out as a local authority online by being one of the first things patients or referring ODs & MDs see when they're searching online for an ophthalmologist.

02. Reach the Right Patients

Your expert Digital Marketing Strategist helps maximize ROI and lower your cost of acquisition by showing ads only to your practice's ideal patients in a set geographic area.

03. Get Real Results
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We do the work delivering more clicks, calls and booked appointments to your practice and provide regular reports so you know it's working.


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Thanks all, I'm at the top of google for almost all the key words related to my business. Business is booming!