Introducing EyeMDPro


If you’re an ophthalmologist, and anything like the MDs we work with, you are 100% too busy to trust your marketing to an agency without eye care expertise. Luckily, you found us here at EyeMDPro. Haven’t heard of us yet? That’s okay, maybe you’ve heard of our sister company. As EyeCarePro, we’ve helped thousands of optometry practices reach their growth goals and fill their calendar with appointments since 2004.

As the number of hybrid practices that we work with comprising both MDs and ODs has grown, so has the need for a marketing service that speaks directly to the goals of ophthalmologists. From that need, EyeMDPro was born.

It was an easy choice to launch EyeMDPro as its own company. The worlds of ophthalmology and digital marketing are rapidly changing, and to be a success in 2022 requires an agency with expertise in both.

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No Silver Bullet in Marketing

Whether you’re an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, you’ve likely done some form of marketing for your practice in the past. Think back on your previous campaigns. Can you say confidently that your previous efforts motivated the exact patients your practice needs and maximized ROI?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The evolution of the digital landscape can feel like it’s stuck on fast forward, and without guidance it’s difficult to know which marketing activities are essential. To give you an idea, one question we hear frequently from our new eye care professional clients is "what's the one thing I need to do to market my practice?"

In marketing, especially healthcare marketing, there's no silver bullet, or single activity, that will solve all your problems. Sure, you can get lucky and book an appointment with a single great email post or email. But sustained success in marketing is usually the culmination of many activities to make prospects aware of your practice, speaking to their needs with pointed strategies to make it easy for them to book an appointment.


8 Touch Points for Success

There’s an old adage that says a prospective customer needs 8 touch points before they’re ready to trust a business and make a purchase. Back in the day in ophthalmology, that might have meant driving past a road sign 6 times and seeing a newspaper ad twice.

Now, you’ve got to employ digital strategies to get in front of prospective patients before they’re ready to sit down with you. Then, you must motivate them to book an appointment when they’re finally searching online for help with their eyes. And for those prospects that aren’t quite ready, it’s integral to drip high-performing content to them through social media, eblasts, blogs and digital ads to capture them as a patient down the line.

Marketing’s like climbing a mountain, every step is a different activity that brings you a little bit closer to attaining the ROI that you need. It's lot of work, as you can imagine.

How We Market Ophthalmology

Let’s say you want to reach new patients. You'll have to make a good first impression, and that's much easier when you're found before the competition. A good website helps, as do online directory listings and a reputation management strategy to let patients know you care about their feedback.

If you truly want to capture and motivate prospective patients when they're ready to book, you'll need to catch them when they're searching for an ophthalmologist. A comprehensive SEO strategy will improve your Google ranking, ensuring that you're seen as a local ophthalmology authority to the specialty patients your practice needs. A digital ad strategy compliments this, helping you get found even sooner in patient search results to turn clicks into revenue.

Looking to build awareness and trust with patients and referring MDs & ODs? A Google-friendly content strategy helps ease your patients mind pre-appointment and keeps them coming back post-surgery.


Grow Your Practice with EyeMDPro

Back to our original point: you’re too busy to trust your marketing to an agency without eye care expertise.

No two practices are the same. The strategies needed to capture Glaucoma patients are different than those needed for Oculoplastic patients. Earning the trust of patients and MDs & ODs is another strategy altogether.  Our knowledge of ophthalmology means we can help your practice beyond growth. What if your marketing plan could improve your processes? Automation of marketing and practice processes using our optimizer services can help save your staff time and your practice money.

After 18 years of marketing eye care practices, we have a shorthand with clients that is unmatched. When you partner with EyeMDPro, our team of ophthalmology experts work with your practice by helping define and address your growth goals. Let us do the work scaling your growth for the exact types of patients you need.