Be the Go-To MD for Locals Referrers

As an ophthalmologist, you understand that referrals from local optometrists, general practitioners and other MDs are an integral for practice growth. You want to help more patients, but how can you ensure that these professionals refer patients to your practice over others in your area? EyeMDPro has some digital marketing tips to help you build strong relationships with local referrers to maximize referrals. Here's how:


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Build Trust with a Strong Online Presence

If local referrers aren’t already working with you, they might not know much about your practice or services. The first step (yes, even before picking up the phone for a business lunch) is making sure your house is in order, digitally. When potential referral sources search for MDs in their area, they're more likely to choose a provider with a strong online presence.

A beautiful and informative website that showcases your expertise, services, and patient testimonials does just that. By optimizing your website for local search with the services and procedures you specialize in, you can capture the attention of referrers by being found sooner when they’re searching for a partner in co-management. A warm empathetic tone in your services landing pages doesn’t just build trust with patients–it also tells referrers their patients are in good hands.

Leverage Campaigns to Connect

Once your website is in order, campaigns with mailers, social media (especially LinkedIn), and emails are the best way to drive traffic back to your website. Campaigns are a powerful tool for building relationships because you can target specific referrers on your wishlist and personalize the messaging. 

By sharing educational content, industry news, and other engaging posts that highlight your expertise and services, EyeMDPro can help you connect with local optometrists and general practitioners and establish you as a trusted authority in your field. That way, when you do pick up the phone to make a formal introduction, they’ll know who you are and how you can help their patients.


Nurture Referrals with Regular Outreach

The difficulty in making business relationships is that not every OD or GP will rush to work with you the moment they hear you’re in business. Think back to when you’ve heard of a new business or restaurant. You may have needed to see seven or eight ads or mentions of the establishment before you were mentally ready to give them a shot with your business. Referrers are no different.

Campaigns don’t just let local ODs and GPs know that you’re ready to help. They also remind them of your value at strategic intervals to get them off the fence and ready to be your partner in co-management. EyeMDPro utilizes campaigns to both reach willing partners and nurture prospective relationships to increase your referrals now and down the road.


Your Other Important Partner–EyeMDPro

EyeMDPro doesn’t expect you to be a digital marketing expert. EyeMDPro's digital marketing services can help you maximize referrals from local optometrists and general practitioners so that you can focus on what matters–patient care. By building a strong online presence, leveraging social media, utilizing email marketing, nurturing referral relationships, and tracking your referral marketing efforts, you can attract more local optometrists and general practitioners and achieve long-term success for your practice.