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Wired to Succeed at Your Eyecare Practice

How to make your next hire the best one yet

Hiring the wrong person won’t just decrease your practice’s productivity, it also compromises your brand’s reputation, leading to a less than stellar experience. When you’re forced to rehire, there’s the stress of finding the right candidate and training them, while trying to maintain the morale of your current staff.

Our partners at Build My Team wrote an e-book to help: Wired to Succeed at Your Eyecare Practice-- How to make your next hire the best one yet. In it, Build My Team Founder Michael Neal, OD, outlines the consequences of hiring the wrong candidate, with tips on how you can make your next hire be the right fit. Fill out the form to the right to download the e-book and learn how to identify key performance factors that predict success in your next candidate.

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About Build My Team

Build My Team is an affordable, outsourced hiring service for eyecare practices. Affordable means that Build My Team can provide your practice with job candidates highly likely to succeed at your practice for about the third of the cost that you can do internally. We’ve solved the herculean challenge of finding qualified job candidates for your practice, even in today’s highly competitive job market. Visit their website at and take their quiz to evaluate your internal hiring process. You can also schedule a consultation here:

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Save Your Staff Time

Hiring isn’t the only process that you can optimize. EyeCarePro’s no-contract marketing services don’t just meet your growth goals, they also automate your processes to make your practice more efficient. Our Optimizer Suite lets you schedule digital campaigns with the tap of a finger, send emails and Google review requests to patients and book them 24/7—all in one app. 30 minutes of saved time here and there really adds up, and it saves your practice money.