Free Campaign: Blue Light

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Elevate Children’s Eye Care with our Free Campaign on the Effect of Blue Light

Are you an optometrist looking to boost your online presence and build lasting connections with your community? We understand that your dedication to eye care leaves little time for content creation and design.

Our team of eye care experts has put together a free campaign with everything you need to run a successful campaign. Easy to download and packed with engaging content and vibrant designs to help elevate your practice.

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Exciting Content

Effective content involves focusing on current trends while ensuring information is enlightening and captivating. The content within this Free Campaign highlights the significance of blue light on our children and what we can do to minimize the risks of Blue Light exposure.

When Should You Take Your Child For an Eye Exam?

  • Four eye-catching social posts
  • An engaging e-blast
  • A stunning hero image
  • Blog/landing page.

All the tools you need for a successful campaign are at your fingertips. Let’s start by downloading the content ready to be shared to your local community.

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