Download Our Free Use It Or Lose It Campaign & End 2022 Strong


Do you have ODs on staff, or are you a participating provider in vision care? Time is running out for your patients’ 2022 vision care insurance benefits. Finish off the year with a full calendar by telling your patients to use it or lose it!

Tell Patients New Lenses Are Within Reach

The patients you’re helping or co-managing may not understand that their vision care benefits will reset in January. Fill out the form to the right and let them know they can get the lenses that they need with their benefits—even if money is tight.

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Download Our Free Use It Or Lose It Campaign

 As Easy As Downloading and Posting

Ever heard the term “omni-channel campaign” and wondered what the hype was all about? Download this free campaign and find out for yourself. You’ll reach your current patients (and potential new ones) with landing page copy for your website, an email for your contact list, social media content and a poster for your practice.


A Campaign for Every Specialty Patient

Would you like to motivate every type of patient to book throughout the year? EyeMDPro’s no-contract marketing plans have campaigns like this that give your audience multiple ‘touch-points,’ or reminders, to let them know exactly how your services can help. Our eye care experts have been at it since 2004, so we know what’s needed to earn patients’ trust and book them.

Refer an MD and Save

Know any MDs that could use this kind of help with their marketing? EyeMDPro caters exclusively to ophthalmologists and we’ve started a referral program to help us find new clients.

Our referral program will pay $200 (credited to your bill) to practices that refer a decision-maker lead who books an appointment with us. If that appointment leads to a successful customer signup, your practice will receive one free month of service! Email us today if you know a practice that we can help, or click the button below for more info.

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